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Du kan uppleva Dansens Dag den 29 april över hela världen. 29 april är Jean-George Noverre’s födelsedag (1727-1810).
I Göteborg genomförs en flera timmar lång dansimprovisation kl 14-16.30 bl a under ledning av Dance Remainings/Humanography

Dansens Dags meddelande 2022

Årets meddelande har skrivits av KANG Sue-jin, dansare och konstnärlig ledare för Korean National Ballet. Hon skriver:
””Even though the Covid situation is improving, dance performances are still subject to many restrictions. This makes us cherish the precious memories of times when dance and dancers sparkled like jewels, conveying human anguish and anxiety, will and hope for life, and illuminated the world.”

Bloggen om Dans vill dela med sig av ett äldre meddelande från1998. Då skrevs Dansens Dags meddelande nämligen av Butoh-konstnären Kazuo Ohno (1906-2010):

A Message to The Universe.

On the verge of death one revisits the joyful moments of a lifetime. One’s eyes are opened wide-gazing into the palm, seeing death, life, joy and sorrow with a sense of tranquillity. The daily studying of the soul, is this the beginning of the journey? I sit bewildered in the playground of the dead. Here I wish to dance and dance and dance and dance, the life of the wild grass. I see the wild grass, I am the wild grass, and I become one with the universe. That metamorphosis is the cosmology and studying of the soul. In the abundance of nature I see the foundation of dance. Is this because my soul wants to physically touch the truth? When my mother was dying I caressed her hair all night long without being able to speak one word of comfort. Afterwards, I realized that I was not taking care of her, but that she was taking care of me. The palms of my mother’s hands are precious wild grass to me. I wish to dance the dance of wild grass to the utmost of my heart.

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