Hej Bloggen om Dans-följare.
Låt er inspireras av danskonstnären Eva Svaneblom som skapar en
vlogmas, en julkalender med dans i år.




Mer om Eva Svaneblom:
Eva Svaneblom is an independent dancer and performer, originally from Kalix in the north of Sweden but currently living in Gothenburg where she is a master student of Contemporary Performative Arts.
She has worked mainly in Germany, Austria and Sweden with choreographers from the free scene. Eg. Zufit Simon (DE/IL), Amir Hosseinpour (UK), Jonathan Lunn (UK), Saar Magal (IL), Katja Wachter (DE), Yessiqa Lövbrand (SE) and Amanda Billberg (SE).
In her own work Eva works a lot with improvisations and site specifics – in her current project she explores this in relation to social media. She is drawn to weaving feminism and wit into her work.

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